White Noise Open Source Series

Welcome to our lab logbook, every insight is shared here and every line of code is up for grabs here.

Randomly we spin/explore/reverse-engineer/exploit a new service/tool/product/hack mastering out the latest cutting edge trends on the block in order to push the limits of software and network engineering featuring systems automation and orchestration.


All the articles will be published here and at the same pace in our public repository in Github so you can add your valuable insights, corrections, optimisations via pull request.


Out of the oven we have a cool crash course on ReactJs and a more complete under the hood series on Containers and Docker technology.

The crash course will fuse with research on isomorphic app development and further deployment (automated) with Ansible and tools alike.

Stay tuned and remember you can and should participate in the series via pull request. So fork our articles and share your magic too.


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Minor Smuggle

In the last article we got our hands on the Docker Engine, pretty basic. Today we’re going to smuggle some Images & Containers and briefly talk about the Registry and Repositories. High level picture of each Component Docker Engine :... Continue →